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It’s actually quite easy.

Trune tracks how many cards (how much feedback) you receive.

If, after a year, you are not happy and provide us proof (records of sessions before using Trune min. 6 consecutive sessions) that you received more feedback without Trune than with using our tool – you get your money back.

After signing up, you will have 5 free sessions to try our tool. If you do your Retros & Feedback Meetings every 2 weeks, this equals 2 months plus a training session.

You will have access to every Retro feature Premium users have except the API.

If you like our solution, you can upgrade your account.

You can pay monthly or yearly and can cancel anytime with just a few clicks.

No. Your team members can use anonymous accounts to join sessions. But they need to receive the invite link or join code first.

When they register an account and are added to the team in Trune, then they can immediately see new sessions in the dashboard and join right away without the need to receive an invite link or join code.

Absolutely yes!

Our cancellation process is super easy. If you are not happy, you can cancel anytime. If you cancel you will still have access to Trune until the end of your billing period. Please note that there is no refund (exception: Money Back Guarantee, see „How does the Money Back Guarantee work?“).

Please get in touch with us and send an email to We would love to hear from you. We constantly improve the product and release new features. It’s important to us to listen to the requests of our community. Receiving feedback does not only help teams to thrive but also us to deliver a top notch product 🙂

Trune makes retrospectives and feedback meetings engaging, provides structure and helps to connect with and as a team. We do offer some unique features (some of our phases) which we believe make creating a retrospective even easier.

But don’t take our word for it – try it out! You have 5 free sessions, so there is absolutely nothing to lose but a lot to gain!

Trune offers a standard API so you can connect Trune with any other system you use. On top we offer ready-to-use integrations.

If you want to connect your Trune to another system, please rech out to

Trune is currently available in English and German. We are working on adding further languages already. So there are a couple more to come.

Yes, 100%.

Data protection and privacy is a topic we take absolutely serious. Our Datacenter is based in Frankfurt/Germany and we don’t store any application data outside of Europe. Should you have any questions, don’t hestitate to contact us and send us an email to

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