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Building a Successful Team using an Online Retrospective Platform

blogpost-The Story of Dropfriends

Team Feedback Through an Online Retrospective Platform: The Story of Dropfriends

With everyone working from home these days, open communication lines are essential for productivity. The problem is that some businesses don’t have the necessary infrastructure to support the activities of remote or hybrid teams. Online retrospectives can support to solve that problem.

Martin Peters, who is the Co-Founder and  Chief Executive Officer at Dropfriends (, faced an additional issue. Not only were his team members working remotely, but they also didn’t even have a centralized office to use.

Dropfriends is an App that turns everyone that spends a lot of time at home into a drop point for parcels for a reward. Being a tech startup, building a fully remote team is now more common than ever before.

Remote teams like Martin’s also face some unique challenges. There’s often less face-to-face supervision, social isolation (team related), and a huge need for clear communication to avoid unclear expectations.

That’s when Martin turned to Trune to increase the above topics.

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Working with Trune, businesses receive everything they need to form authentic connections between team members. It gives your business the chance to gather feedback, understand the critical issues or important ideas, and move forward by taking action.

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For Martin, his team is distributed across Germany. He tried to stay in touch with his team and collect feedback, but things weren’t going as expected. He needed a tool so that there could be safe spaces for honest feedback and for ideas to be heard.

After looking around for a tool in the market, he still struggled to find a solution that could meet his needs. Although several options are available at multiple price points, Trune delivered the best experience for him and his team.

Our tool provides all the little details that he feels are necessary so he can focus on what matters most – connecting with his team. The timer feature along with the option to provide feedback and vote anonymously on concepts are amongst his favorite features. There was also a bit of a fun competition to crack the algorithm that defines who will present the cards first.

In return, he could get much more authentic feedback about how things were going for Dropfriends across the entire team

Team Meetings Are Now Held Weekly via Online Retrospective

Trune is an online retrospective tool & team feedback tool

His team now meets every Friday at 3 PM to discuss the various concepts and outcomes from the week while talking about future needs.

These weekly meetings have become one of the most important element of team gathering for Dropfriends. It gives everyone a chance to share feedback and ideas, check in socially, and grow together as a unit.

In return, Martin has used the authentic feedback through an online retrospective process to grow the business. An outcome that is supported by a tool to unlock insights about what really matters. Building a strong team is a cornerstone for success and we are thankful that Martin trusts Trune as the preferred tool to support that goal.

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