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Building a Successful Team using an Online Retrospective Platform

blogpost-The Story of Dropfriends

Team Feedback Through an Online Retrospective Platform: The Story of Dropfriends With everyone working from home these days, open communication lines are essential for productivity. The problem is that some businesses don’t have the necessary infrastructure to support the activities of remote or hybrid teams. Online retrospectives can support to solve that problem. Martin Peters, […]

Mad Sad Glad Retrospective – Simply Explained

Mad Sad Glad Retrospective – Simply Explained The traditional corporate culture makes employees keep their emotions hidden in the workplace. However, this practice can be more troublesome for Scrum teams. A Scrum team works in units and meets frequently to evaluate the progress.  So, if they are feeling disappointed, frustrated, or angry, then it can […]

Why Psychological Safety Creates A Culture Where Teams Thrive


“Low levels of psychological safety can create a culture of silence. They can also create a Cassandra culture – an environment in which speaking up is belittled and warnings go unheeded.”    – Amy C.Edmondson   This blogpost is based and inspired by Amy C. Edmondson and her book the fearless organization. If you haven’t […]

5 Reasons Every Team Should Do Retrospectives


Imagine a world where you get exclusive insights into your employees or team members‘ minds. Where you have all the information you need to make truly informed decisions and where you can replicate what your top performers do and support those in need that struggle. On top you don’t have to guess how to do […]

Reach Your Next Goal with the Sailboat Retrospective Method


Imagine that you’re on the last leg of a sailboat race. You’ve made the final turn, captured the lead, and must plot an efficient course to the finish line. How are you going to create a successful outcome? You’ll need to consider the progress you’ve made, what obstacles are in your way, and the goals […]