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5 Reasons Every Team Should Do Retrospectives


Imagine a world where you get exclusive insights into your employees or team members‘ minds. Where you have all the information you need to make truly informed decisions and where you can replicate what your top performers do and support those in need that struggle. On top you don’t have to guess how to do that but you know exactly why.


Sounds too good to be true? Well achieving this state is hard work and requires dedication, leadership skills and empathy.


It’s a long road and with Trune, you can take the fast track.


Retrospectives & Feedback meetings will raise awareness on topics that might have gotten lost in the day to day business.


Uncover hidden gems & issues and double down on doing more of the good stuff or get rid of your issues by identifying them and then taking action.


Here are 5 reasons, why retrospective or feedback meetings with Trune help you do exactly that:


  1. 1. Having regular team feedback meetings/retrospectives implements a feedback culture so people know they can open up.



  1. 2. The anonymous cards feature creates a safe space so people know they can share issues without having to fear negative consequences.


We all know this from past meetings. Guys that provide feedback, especially issues that don’t work too well are usually:


Top performers -> because they know negative consequences won’t be severe because the organisation needs/values them.


Team members that are personally close to management -> they know that management would take things personally


Team members that criticize a lot, because it’s simply what they like to do (and this is not at all meant to be negative. If you have just a few of those and know how to put them in the right spots this can be really valuable)


But as you are now able to create a safe space, you will also get feedback from:


low performers, which might be just what you need to help them get back on track

new hires, that might not want to raise too much awareness on topics that don’t work so they won’t be taken for a negative person.


Introverted team members that don’t like attention or to discuss with someone with a strong opinion and therefore prefer to stay quiet.


Or just because, well sometimes we all have things in mind we don’t know how to bring forward without hurting a (business) relationship.


Anonymous cards let you do and treasure exactly that.


So you really shine some light on topics or insights that otherwise no one would bring up because of possible negative consequences.


  1. 3. Voting/Anonymous voting provides your team with a possibility to give you as a team lead or Scrum Master feedback on which topics really matter.


Never rely on guessing or having a feeling again. Make evidence based decisions that improve team performance and unlock hidden potential.


  1. 4. Retrospective or Team Feedback Meetings will create a great team atmosphere.


Because there is a safe space where everyone can share thoughts, bring up best practises and issues your team will feel like they have a voice. You will increase engagement among your team members and raise the overall workplace happiness to a new level.


  1. 5. Digital Retrospective or Feedback Meetings enhance inclusion in office/home-office teams.


If you lead a team where your team members are either fully remote or partly at the office and partly remote, you know the struggle is real. It’s a challenge to include remote team members in a meaningful way. With digital retros you can make sure that there is no difference anymore if team members are remote or physically present. Digital retros even offer the advantage of anonymous cards and voting which is possible having a physical meeting but is usually hard to realize.


With Trune you can profit from all of the topics we discussed, onboard your team hassle free, no registration, no complicated sign up process and super easy to use even for first timers.

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